A game to play with the community
The concept is simple just flip a coin and bet on heads or tails. Everybody can place a bet and the winning side will split the wagers of the loosing side. But of course we've got a few twists!

Trigger Reward

The game will run for 14400 blocks, which corresponds with ~12 hours. The person with the last bet will trigger the coinflip, this will give you an instant 2,5% of the total prizepool!


Every coinflip 2,5% of the total prizepool will be added to a jackpot. This jackpot will be awarded once every 10.000 games. So yeah, you'll need a bit of luck to plunder this pharmacy!

Token Burn

Every coinflip 5% of the total prizepool will be burned.

No fees

There is no RED-P transaction fee on placing a bet! (You'll still need to pay that transaction fee to the network obviously.)
Last modified 6mo ago