Is the migrator code removed?

Yes of course this code is removed. Haven't you read the introduction yet?

Do you have a Timelock?

No, at least not yet! A timelock will be set once the project is running and all possible startup issues are mitigated. There have been numerous projects that started with a timelock only to find out they had to wait for 24 hours to fix an error leaving their users with empty bag and lots of FUD.
So are my funds at risk now? No, a timelock is introduced to delay operations that are restricted to the contract owner. However, parts of these operations have already been removed like the migrator code. The owner is allow the following actions:
    Add new farms/pools
    Adjust farm/pool reward multiplier
    Change deposit fee
    Remove delegated farming
None of these functions will put funds at risk, these are simple maintenance methods and often require swift action instead of delayed action.
Please note that a timelock is not a protection against a rug pull or abuse. It's simply a delay put on administrative actions.
Once the project is running we plan to apply the timelock within an hour of the start of farming.

How is the deposit fee used?

The following table answers this question:
Direct Referrals
Indirect Referrals
Development Reward
79% - 90%
Buy back, Liquidity, Marketing and Community

How is development rewarded?

Development receives 10% of every farmed token, 10% of delegated rewards and 10% of deposit fees. These funds are used for further development of the token and the development of new concepts within Pill.Finance.

Why is the APR showing ∞?

If a farm or pool does not have any tokens staked to it, the website is able to calculate any rate, thus showing an infinity symbol. As soon as someone stakes anything it will be updated to a proper rate.

Do you have malicious code?

There have been some talks about the MasterChef contract having some malicious code. Here we want to explain what it is and how it is used.
Red pill uses a new concept called Delegated Farming, this is where staked LP tokens are restaked at another platform. At this point this is only Pancakeswap, 'cause we have not deemed any other platform stable enough to use. The tokens earned with this restaking are used for community purposes.
What we can do is setup a new farm and direct the tokens to it. This means that your tokens could be restaked in a contract that does illegal things with it. To be clear and completely transparent about this we've added a note to farms that use delegated farming, so our users can check if we are using the right contract on beforehand. As shown in the image below.
The link to the MasterChef contract tokens are restaked in.
For people that want to dig deeper we advise you to check the contract yourself. Go to Read Contract and check function 16. poolProps, just enter all the pool numbers and check every contract we delegate to. Please do check us! We want to be secure! Click on delChef en see if it's Pancakeswap and check if delRewardToken is in fact CAKE.
The addresses delegation is set to.
Please not that the function that people deem suspicious is in fact a function that restricts us from ever changing the delegation to a malicious contract. If there is a single token posted, the contracts can never be changed anymore.
Also note that in our code we made an honest remark about this technique and how we limit potential abuse. See the screenshot of the contract on bscscan below.
We believe that this technique can add an extra advantage to any farm, but in the wrong hands and without proper due diligence of users can be harmful. This is why we urge everyone to check these contracts and we will notify users of delegation upon release of a new farm using this method.
We feel that honesty and transparency are the key to make this technique work and create the foundation for extra profitable farming.
Last modified 6mo ago