Referral Program
A beneficial multi level referral program.

Multi Level Referral Rewards

To reward users that work on expanding the usage of the farm, there is a reward program in place. This is not an average reward program, but a multi level reward program.
Referrers are able to earn 10% of all deposit fees of their referrals, but will also earn another 1% of their referrals, referrals! This will create a web of rewards that can heavily grow for those that are active in the community.
10% on all deposit fees
1% on all deposit fees
Rewards are distributed on all future deposits!

How to refer someone?

To refer someone you'll need to use a referral link that is linked to your wallet address. The link will look like: https://red.pill.finance/?ref=[YOUR ADDRESS HERE]
Once someone clicks on this link, the wallet address is stored in the memory of the web browser. The address will be sent to the blockchain on the first deposit. From that point forward your wallet will be linked with the referrals wallet.
Last modified 6mo ago
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