The plans we've got in store so far!

Be the dealer, games!

Yes, you read it right! We've got plans to create multiple games in which users can bet on games of chance. But we'd like token holders to be the ones profiting from the bets of users. Therefor we want to create a dealer-pool in which you can stake RED-P tokens. This pool will be used to provide liquidity to the games. This means:
    If a player looses you gain value;
    If a player wins you'll loose value;
Off course on games of change the odds are in the favor of the house!
We will be working hard to get this developed and realized! Hope you'll get as excited as the team is about it.
Got input or ideas? Please share them in our Telegram group. We like the input of our users!

More to come

Check back later for more exciting concepts and ideas!
Last modified 6mo ago