The tokenomics of RED-P
Total Supply: 100.000
Initial Circulating Supply: 25.000
Ticker Symbol: RED-P
Transaction fee: 1% (30% instant burn, 70% will flow back into the yield farm pool)
Max Transaction Size:
maxTransactionSize=circulatingSupplyround(4(1,05circulatingSupplytotalSupply),2)maxTransactionSize = {circulatingSupply * round(4*(1,05 - {circulatingSupply \over totalSupply})}, 2)
Reward per Block:
blockReward=totalSupplycirculatingSupply30241200blockReward = {totalSupply-circulatingSupply \over 30*24*1200}
The block reward is re-balanced every 1200 blocks (~one hour). The actual block reward will depend of the amount of transactions done and the current circulating supply as well as the burned supply.


Before the farms will start an initial amount of 25.000 tokens will be transferred to the development wallet from which 20.000 RED-P will be used to provide initial liquidity. The remaining tokens are used as a reserve, for future development.
Farming will start at block 5732580. Which is ~ March 16th, 2021 at 14:00 UTC.
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